The VersaLase™ system is a fully integrated, plug and play, and self-contained multiple wavelength (up to 4) output laser module. The Stradus® laser module patented sealed optical cavity and the innovative electronics give the VersaLase unparalleled power stability, beam pointing stability, and low noise over time and temperature. Vortran’s Graphical User Interface (GUI) software allows the user to control and monitor each wavelength remotely via USB or RS-232.

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Stradus Wavelengths (nm)¹ 405 through 785nm
Power Output (mW)² (-0%, +10%)Up to 250mW per wavelength
Beam Output3Free Space, SM, PM and MM fiber Options
Beam Diameter (mm, 1/e2 )⁴~0.8-1.3
Beam Divergence (mrad)⁴<1.0
Beam Spatial ModeTEM₀₀
M² (typical) < 1.25
Beam Circularity> 90%
Beam Centration (mm) < 0.5
Beam Alignment (mrad) < 5
Pointing Stability (µrad/⁰C) < 5
Power Stability (over 24 hours) < 2% from Fiber
Polarization OrientationVertical ±2⁰
Polarization Extinction Ratio >100:1
RMS Noise (10Hz to 10MHz) <0.5% for 532nm
<0.25% for 514nm
<0.15% for 488nm
<0.15% for 488nm
Communication Mini-USB and RS-232
CDRH ClassClass IIIb
ESD Protection Class 4
RoHS ComplianceEU and China

1 Maximum power of 250mW at 405nm

2 Please specify MM fiber diameter

3 Other beam sizes and shapes available

4 Free space; elliptical and other shapes available