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New 561nm laser module and a smaller footprint VersaLase with 561!!!!


Stradus Lite

Stradus 561-50





The Stradus™ Lite is 1/4 the size of our standard product and lower cost for cost sensitive applications. CW only operation and elliptical beam output.

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The Stradus™ 561-50 is new tchnology in 561nm output giving the user analog power control.

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The Stradus VersaLase(561) is a multi-wavelength laser diode system with up to 4 individually controllable diode lasers internally combined.

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Vortran Laser Technology, Inc has recently introduced the StradusLite™ laser module. This module is designed for OEM applications that require a high performance but simplified device for cost sensitive applications. This high performance module is 1/4 the size of our standard Stradus™ Laser Modules with the same performance. CW operation is only available and an elliptical beam output. These will be available in wavelengths including 375nm, 405nm, 445nm, 473nm, 488nm, 514nm, 637nm, 640nm, 642nm, and 660nm.

Vortran Laser Technology, Inc. has recently introduced a 561nm laser module to our selection of high performance laser systems. This allows the user to have a 561nm laser (with 50mW output) with the extremely low noise and excellent power stability found in the entire Stradus family of lasers

The Stradus Versa-Lase adds the ability to combine 4 wavelengths in a single module with the unprecedented stability and reliability of the single Stradus laser modules. The precise beam positioning and overal stability of Vortran Laser Technology's products allow us to easily integrate our technology into a multiple output platform.