Each standard (non-OEM custom) laser is shipped in a well padded shipping box containing the laser head, the remote control box, a user manual, and a CD ROM containing the software that allows the user to control the laser functions from an efficient user program.



User Interface Software


The User Interface Software (supplied with each standard laser) is an interactive display allowing the user to monitor and control the laser through a computer interface. The user can set power output levels, put the laser into either constant power or constant current mode, set and monitor any of the status indicators through the computer terminal. A quick look at the display allows the user to see the three key parameters in graphical form (Output Power, Diode Current, and Diode and Base Plate Temperature). If and when a key parameter exceeds predetermined "safe" values, the graphical displays employs colors to help alert the user (yellow for caution and red for dangerous levels). Otherwise the graphical displays remain in the green region. A logging function displays the number of hours that the diode has actually been powered on.